Company Profile

Company Profile

Elektrotechniki is a technical-manufacturing company, which, through its many years of experience, aims to provide high-quality technical and construction services, harmonized with quality assurance specifications according to international ISO standards.

We have specialized executives and high-level technical staff, we invest in specialized external partners and new technologies and we offer complete packages tailored to your needs with personalized service.

Our Company cooperates with certified companies throughout Greece.

With the experience, knowledge and expertise of our executives and partners, we have formed high values ​​and vision, which we take care to apply in every collaboration.

Our staff consists of Administrative staff, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers and Technical staff.

We also have a privately owned fleet of vehicles, a multitude of tools and equipment, achieving autonomy and offering immediacy to any need of our customers.

At Elektrotechniki we believe in excellence and high quality customer service, ensuring Safety, Ergonomics and Economy.

Our clients include leading Greek and multinational companies, whose facilities are located in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans.

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