In more detail:

Electrical Systems

Medium voltage substations
Automation (Classic, PLC, BMS, etc.)
Power generating pairs
Photovoltaic fields
Low and medium voltage installations
Lighting circuits
Electrical panels
Fire detection system
CCTV system
BMS systems
Earthing and lightning protection
UPS units (check, test and clean)
Thermographic control

Fire Fighting

✔ Fire fighting complex and fire protection network (based on NFPA 20 – 25 and EN 12845+A2)
✔ Inspection of fire hydrants and flexible pipes with pressure test
✔ Internal Combustion Engines (ICE)


✔ Pump assemblies
✔ Drinking water networks
✔ Rainwater networks
✔ Sewerage
✔ Iron piping, PPR, PE, Pex Al
✔ Water and sewage pumping with portable means
✔ Sanitary facilities and WC

Maintenance of Machines

✔ Internal Combustion Engines (ICE)
✔ Power Pairs (H/Z)
✔ Pumps
✔ Repair / Restoration

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